Are you a business in Redditch?

Do you want to be able to offer your employees up to nearly 40% off the cost of a Gym membership? Here at The Fit Club Redditch, we are able to offer a state of the art facility in the centre of Redditch for an unbeatable price.

Here at The Fit Club, we set out to build the most complete gym in Redditch. Now that we have accomplished this goal, we want to help to support local businesses in the area.


We offer two different funding methods and a very flexible scaling system to this benefit for your employees. One of these is a fully paid benefit.

The two models that we work with are called Company Paid Benefit and Salary Sacrifice Benefit.

Company FUNDED

Appears to be more of a ‘benefit’ to the employees as they do not need to give up any of their salary.

All handled by the company, taken from the existing employee benefit pool. Most likely calculated as benefit per head.

Flexibility in payment. Could do multiple members on the same account. This section will depend on how we are able to process the members. If each member will be set up as an individual member on the system. 

Salary Sacrifice (OpRA)

Useful if the company wants to give employees the benefit without any cost to themselves. Doesn’t need to be detracted from the existing benefit pool. 

Can be used as an education piece even if the company isn’t willing to purchase the company funded membership. We can educate them on the Salary Sacrifice Scheme.

Alternatively, if the company already has a salary sacrifice scheme in place, it can be incorporated into their existing scheme.

Or you can have a hybrid of both schemes!

Or you can have a hybrid of both schemes!


Savings on gym memberships

Your employees can receive access to a premium gym at a discounted rate, with a tiered system that increases their discounts the more employees that join.

Increased employee morale, health and productivity

It’s proven that people who exercise are more productive and happier. You can offer your employees the empowerment of a healthier lifestyle! In turn, they can bring this energy back to your business.

Reduced Absenteeism

Studies show that staff who don’t exercise miss an average of 3 days of work more than their active colleagues. Across an entire workforce, gym memberships can save you weeks of absenteeism.

Improved company image

Company benefits breed a stronger community in your business. Giving them access to our amazing fitness facility is the perfect reward for your loyal staff.

Want to find out more about Gym Membership as an employee benefit? We’ll send you the brochure or you can chat to us!

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Email our corporate scheme manager Aaron, and he’ll get back to you to discuss our corporate options and how we can get you set up!